1. The risk of loss or accidental deterioration of the subject matter of the contract shall pass to the customer upon delivery.
  2. if the packaging is damaged, the customer must immediately notify the transport company. Partial deliveries shall be permissible unless the Customer proves that the partial delivery is of no economic interest to him. Partial deliveries shall be invoiced separately and shall be due for payment individually. Advance payments shall be charged pro rata to the individual deliveries of the overall transaction.
  3. shipping costs are calculated according to the respective units of measurement of the packed pallet and will be attached to the offer as an estimate if requested, if the delivery is sent in Germany. Otherwise, all prices quoted are exclusive of delivery costs.
  4. the mode of shipment is realized with our logistics partner DB Schenker in consultation with the customer via express, air, land and/or sea freight. In this case, the most favorable and reliable freight route is chosen for the customer.
  5. delivery times vary greatly and can therefore not be scheduled exactly, unless the delivery time was explicitly guaranteed in the offer.
  6. in case of determined insolvency of the customer, we, 3D Sportanlagen Bau und Betriebs GmbH, will refrain from delivery and keep the goods in stock until the customer has paid the goods directly by prepayment.


  1. the customer has the possibility to pay the ordered goods by prepayment, by credit note or by invoice. Kletterkultur reserves the right to exclude individual payment methods in individual cases.
  2. from a value of goods of 3000,00€ 3D Sportanlagen Bau und Betriebs GmbH reserves the right to deliver only against an advance payment of 50 percent of the value of goods. Only after receipt of the advance payment the order will be processed further and an expected delivery date will be fixed.
  3. advance payments are to be settled net immediately, payments of goods invoices under 3000,00€ are to be settled net immediately or at the latest after 14 days from receipt of the delivery. Other terms of payment are subject to written agreement between the Buyer and the Seller.
  4. if the payment deadline is exceeded, the seller is entitled to charge interest on arrears at a rate of 8 percentage points above the current discount rate of the Deutsche Bundesbank. The Seller reserves the right to claim further damages for default. 5.
  5. In the event of default in payment by the Purchaser despite the setting of a grace period by the Seller, the Seller shall be entitled to take possession of the object of purchase in order to secure its rights – even without the Purchaser’s consent – without this constituting a rescission of the contract. Rather, the seller reserves the right to choose between the claim for performance or the claims arising from § 326 BGB.
  6. Furthermore, 3D Sportanlagen Bau und Betriebs GmbH reserves the right to charge a fee of 5€ starting from the second reminder, and a fee of 10€ starting from the third reminder, plus interest on arrears.
  7. we charge a fee of 2,50 € per invoice for the preparation of invoices, payment reminders and reminders in paper form including dispatch.