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Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 800 × 1260 × 1900 mm

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The SALMON LADDER or sky ladder has been featured in every NINJA WARRIOR season so far. The goal is to jump up step by step with the pull-up bar – the right swing and the right moment count. The complex movement and the decreasing power reserves towards the top have already sent many a NINJA into the water. The technically challenging and strength demanding obstacle offers various possibilities to master and makes every NINJA’s heart beat faster – a must for every course and training area. At the SALMON LADDER PRO the athlete jumps from step to step with a carbon bar. In case of a fall with the bar, the athlete must be careful not to be hit by the falling bar as it is not secured as with the normal SALMON LADDER. The carbon rod is much lighter compared to the aluminum rod and is therefore much better in the hand. The ends are covered with noise and shock absorbing material.
1 x SALMON LADDER (CARBON BAR 135cm not included)

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