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Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 50 × 760 × 1800 mm

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The DOORS obstacle doesn’t look too difficult at first glance, but at the first door at the latest it becomes clear how challenging it is to overcome this free-swinging obstacle. With the right foot technique and plenty of strength in your fingers, you can get from one door to the next. With the CHEESE DOORS we have made this obstacle also solvable for advanced, beginners and children. The CHEESE DOOR 1.0 can be overcome on one side classically and on the other side with the holes and steps much easier. The CHEESE DOOR 2.0 is also well suited for beginners and children with the numerous grip and step options – now only the wobbling and swinging must be controlled.
1 x DOOR, 2 x SLING 60,0 cm , 2 x CHAIN LINK 8,0 mm

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