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The BUNGEE ROAD consists of six rubber strands with a length of 40cm and knots and a black shrink tubing at the ends. With the BUNGY ROAD it is called hold on, if possible at all elastics together. If you only get a grip on one or two elastics, the straps stretch too far and it is almost impossible to move forward. The individual bungees hung in the bundle can be hung in any number one after the other. The bungees have a knot and a shrink tube at the end, which prevents uncontrolled slipping and fraying of the ends. The longer the dangle, the more challenging the obstacle…. Mini Obstacles for Ninja courses and NINJA training at home. The MINI OBSTACLES series is not only an excellent addition to any NINJA course, but is also particularly suitable for targeted NINJA training at home. All MINI OBSTACLES impress with their excellent workmanship and best quality. With this series everyone can start – very specifically – the NINJA TRAINING. The only thing you need is one or two hooks in the ceiling….
1 x BUNGEE ROAD with six strings, 1 x triangular shackle

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