Parcours Maintenance

Parcours Maintenance

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As the professionals in the field of design and construction of NINJA PARCOURS, safety is the top priority for us and our customers.

Jumping, swinging and falling are essential parts of the NINJA sport. In order for all of this to be possible without danger, each NINJA PARCOURSE must meet certain requirements and the individual areas and attachments must be checked regularly to ensure they are in proper working order. In case of an accident, the operator of the NINJA PARCOUR has to prove that it was and is free of defects and complies with the currently valid standards and regulations. Even small defects can have a big impact and must be recognized and repaired immediately. Even though there is currently no separate standard for NINJA SPORT, the following standards are already applicable for NINJA PARCOURS: DIN EN1176, DIN EN1177 and DIN EN 16899. All standards require regular maintenance and safety checks.

Like every sports facility and every piece of sports equipment, a NINJA PARCOURSE must be checked and maintained at regular intervals. Due to the special and sometimes large loads on the frame, the obstacles and safety equipment, we recommend that all course components of the NINJA PARCOUR undergo a major and detailed inspection every year. After two years at the latest, a detailed inspection is obligatory and binding from a legal point of view!

During the maintenance and safety check of the NINJA PARCOUR our experienced and trained inspectors check the entire NINJA system down to the last detail. Among other things, the basic construction with all screw connections and joints, the fall and impact protection, the fall and drop areas, as well as the individual obstacles and their suspensions are checked. After the inspection, a detailed maintenance report with the determination of the safe playability of the NINJA facility is prepared and handed over to the client. Possible danger spots can be eliminated immediately or afterwards, depending on the type.

The costs for the maintenance and safety inspection of a NINJA PARCOURS can unfortunately not be quantified in general terms, as they depend particularly on the size of the parcours. We would be pleased to submit you an individual offer with our attractive conditions for a regular maintenance and safety check of your NINJA PARCOURS.

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